Wireline Grab and Spear

The Wellpro Group Wireline Grab is used to fish broken wire from the wellbore.  It consists of two or three flexible prongs extending downwards.  After locating the top of the parted wire, the Wireline Grab is then run to snag the wire in the upward facing barbs of the grab arms.


The prong ends of the grab fits snugly against the walls of the tubing to help prevent wire by-pass.


The Wellpro Group Wireline Centre Spear is a tool that is used to fish broken wire from the wellbore.  The barbs are positioned around a main centre mandrel allowing efficient penetration into a tight ball of wire.


The Wireline Spear Stop Ring can be gauged for the wellbore.  The prong ends of the Spear will increase in outer diameter until just below the diameter of the Stop Ring.