Well Intervention

Wellpro Groups well intervention service portfolio comprises of an extensive rental fleet of tooling available to support all our clients.


Focus is on providing well intervention service, rental and sales of market leading tooling and technologies covering all intervention service portfolios all being supported by the highest level of service quality and industry experienced personnel. In addition is our unique ability to design, manufacture and test bespoke Thru Tubing and Inflatable Packers for challenging and non-routine operations.


The extensive long-term experience, knowledge and intervention expertise of the core team is strengthened with in-house design engineers, this is key to achieving and maintaining the high level of customer service, quality, reliability and quick turnaround service that we pride ourselves on.


Our profile and industry presence are heightened by industry leading onshore support and wellsite personnel known for their experiences within the sector.

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Unique to Wellpro Group is the bespoke conceptual design and development of innovative and cost effective Thru Tubing, Inflatable Packer and Well Intervention solutions for challenging and non-routine operations.


We are careful to ensure that our extensive industry knowledge and experience is embedded into our tools. These are designed and developed with technology principles at the core of the innovation process.


Wellpro Group’s design engineers are highly experienced, driven individuals, with a vast knowledge in all aspects of design and engineering. This ensures that our products are functional, robust, and designed with materials that enable our products to withstand the harshest environments and operational requirements.

Response and Delivery

With a proactive approach to the ever-increasing market demand for well-engineered solutions, Wellpro Group do not merely supply a best in class rental portfolio.


We are aware that client requirements and responsiveness to these demands are of the highest priority. Our success is built around an extensive knowledge of the industry, correct planning, reliability of the equipment and the ability to react to client requirements throughout the planning and execution phases.


This is of utmost importance when job scopes change unexpectedly. We are on hand to design and manufacture providing the efficiency, quality and effectiveness required to achieve the goal.

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