Multi Set Injection Packer System (MSIPS)


The Multi Set Injection Packer System (MSIPS) is a multi-cycle inflatable packer assembly designed for high flow rate and high pressure well intervention applications. It can be configured as a single packer or a dual packer straddle system, and its multi-set full-bore functionality allows for multiple high volume stimulation cycles or formation tests to be performed on different zones within a single trip.


The MSIPS workstring annular circulation feature enables to efficiently spot treatment fluids within the wellbore which reduces overall operational costs. Its design features high performance duplex metallurgy that optimises corrosion resistance in high flow velocity acid treatments and provides superior mechanical properties which enable this system to withstand differential pressures up to 10,000 psi. These innovations make the MSIPS an optimal inflatable packer solution for formation evaluation, well stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications in open hole or cased hole.