Venturi Jet Junk Basket

Venturi Jet Junk Basket

The Wellpro Group Venturi Jet Junk Basket is designed to remove debris from the wellbore.


Fluid is pumped down the workstring and out through the tool nozzles creating a vacuum within the tool. Wellbore debris, junk or fill is then vacuumed into the tool and remains trapped between the filter screen and catchers. Various filter screens and catchers can be fitted to recover specific sizes of debris, junk or fill.


The tool nozzles are adjustable and easily changed to alter the flow rate and pressure differentials to suit individual applications. Larger sized extensions can also be fitted to recover larger volumes/sizes of debris if required.


The Venturi Jet Junk Basket can be run with a motor and washover shoe for specific operations where rotation is required.


An important feature of the Venturi is that it is not dependent on the hole size to work efficiently.