Motorhead Assembly

The Wellpro Group Motorhead Assembly is a compact design that combines three industry standard running string components including dual flapper check valves, ball activated disconnect and dual circulating sub.  In addition, the disconnect has torque through capability.


The dual flapper check valves provide directional well control during well intervention operations thus preventing inflow of wellbore fluids to the coil tubing.


The disconnect facility provides a means of disconnecting by simply dropping a ball from surface and applying pressure.  After disconnection a standard internal GS profile allows for subsequent retrieval.


The circulating sub is ball activated and, when utilised, introduces a flow path from the tool ID to the annulus thus allowing for higher circulation rates.  If, for any reason, circulation through the tool string is lost, a rupture disc option is also included as standard.  This can be set and ruptured at a predetermined pressure.