The Wellpro Group SafeTorqCT™ is a compact torque wrench device for the make-up and break-out of threaded connections on small OD downhole tools. It can be used easily in the field or in the workshop. The SafeTorqCT™ removes the guesswork and hence the associated safety hazards which may occur when using pipe wrenches to torque threaded connections.

The design of the SafeTorqCT™ allows torque to be applied to threaded connections in a safe and controlled manner, allowing the operator to remain at a safe distance during make & break operations force transmission.

The SafeTorqCT™ can be supplied in a dedicated flight case, containing everything required to perform make & break operations in the field or workshop. It comprises of hand pump, bi-directional hydraulic cylinder and torque clamps fitted with heat-treated dies designed for longevity which can be easily replaced in the field.